Monday, April 6, 2009

Sofa City Sweetheart - S/T EP

Sofa City Sweetheart, I’m glad the name paints a very accurate portrait of the music they make. It’s on the more introspective side of indie pop, of the ‘sweetheart’ denomination, as for the term sofa city, it’s as though you were lounging around on a couch, chatting and enjoying yourself with friends. This is the music that plays to remind everyone how sweet it is.

This 5 track self-titled EP is around the 25 minute mark, yet the last track includes a ‘hidden’ 50 second vocal arrangement that I found very intriguing. I liked all of this EP, however the first song had the perfect balance of their sound “Good News For Jackie” a song dedicated to Jackie Johnson. Judging on their honeyed sound, I think that we’re talking in reference to the KCAL-TV weather forecaster and personality.

I found part 1 & 2 of "The Blind Man And The Boy He Used To Be" (each with respective titles) are the most absorbed songs referencing a childhood memory, a romantic one at that. Juan Lopez is Sofa City Sweetheart and his voice is one of the sweetest going around.

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