Thursday, March 19, 2009

Georga - Den Heliga Dårens Tal LP

Genre hopping is a term thrown around a lot. Like if one track on an album doesn’t have vocals and the rest do, it’s hopping. But I can safely say that this fits the aforementioned classification. Just because there is a lack of corresponding flow doesn’t mean this music is bad, it is interesting and capturing. Georga is from Sweden, the indie-pop capital of the world (well, to me it is) and that is largely reflected in these songs, he sings as though he is upholding a reputation, but is wary of this, and as such tries to do something different.

Dabbling in many styles but never commiting, although the first few songs of the album don’t necessarily ready you for what lays ahead. Song #5 is titled “En Man” and this is where things start to change, funnily enough I found this to be my favourite song on the album, it’s got a grunge type zig-zag that is contrasted with softer almost acoustics moments.

Folk/electronic/psych/indie-pop, Georga is good, but he needs to define a sound. Considering this album was released by Primary Rock (his own label – from what I can gather) means that no one is complaining about his varied sound, which is a positive, as it will allow him to decide on a sound and come back with a more linear release. Georga lists himself as “Other / Alternative / Pop”. Two vague descriptions preceeding the word Pop, that’s pretty much what this album is. It’s like a really sweet mixtape, where he made all the songs. - get diverse.


Unknown said...

Georga is great!! The smell of small towns all over the world mixed with rock music is excellent!!!

Joseph Tuesday said...

That is a very fitting description :)