Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Simple Carnival - Me And My Arrow EP

The Simple Carnival

The Simple Carnival is also known as Jeff Boller, who appears to be the happiest man living in Pennsylvania. I would be too if I was as talented as this man. His songs have an air of optimism in them; just an overall sense of positive nature. He flawlessly establishes several layers of instruments and couples it with various vocal layers, which I think makes his songs stand out. Yes, there are times when his voice stands alone, but there are many other times where his voice totals about 20 more voices at the same time. It’s great stuff. I read everywhere that he is influenced by Brian Wilson and also the Beach Boys. All I know about Brian Wilson is that a couple of years ago I saw him on a Bass Player magazine. I respected that. The Beach Boys I don’t particularly like. Not much respect for them. However, if they influenced Mr. Jeff Boller, they must have done something right, so I respect that. I like The Simple Carnival. The songs on this EP are all solid. I’d have to say my favorite song on this EP is Over Coffee and Tea. I will say though, the more and more I listen to Really Really Weird, the more and more I like it. I watched the video Jeff made for it and it was really awesome. I read that he used like just under $8 of office supplies to make the video. I’d check it out if I was you. Jeff Boller knows what he’s doing and it’s fun to listen to. The Simple Carnival is, simply put, happiness in simplified form.

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