Monday, November 23, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins "s/t" ep

MR. & MRS. MUFFINS is a true story of two muffins united in love in Jakarta. Now the Muffins reside in Seattle. Together they share lovely melodies, whistles, and of course lots of love in their songs. My most favorite muffin creation has to be “The Ladybird’s Theme” which is a song that sports some of the most lovely vocals I have ever heard. Looking forward to more fully baked creations coming from them soon I hope.

Check em out here:

Panda Face "Panda Face" ep

Panda Face hails from Lincoln Nebraska. When he is not is his natural habitat being held by a beautiful woman wearing gloves, he is making some interesting bedroom recordings. They sound very funny yet cool at the same time. Panda Face recalls lots of memories of songs from artists such as Erlend Oye, Niklas Tafra, and Flannel.

Check em out here:

Starshy "Short + Sweet" ep

Starshy (formerly Bubblegum Summer) hails from Glasgow Scotland. He’s been making music for a while now and this EP is his comeback effort. Under his new moniker, Gary makes some very interesting experimental sounding pop music and appears that he has reinvented himself in some positive ways. The songs are all still very listenable and still maintain the catchy element to an extent.

In his free time, Gary now operates Bubblegum Records and is planning some EP releases and compilations forthcoming. Also he now organizes occasional “pop nights” in Glasgow.

Check em out here:

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Feelds - "Save Me"

The Feelds are a family band, fittingly made up of John and Katy Feelds. John does the music. Katy does the lyrics and vocals. I love the whole husband and wife band dynamic and the Feelds really make it work. John's jangly instrumentation is perfectly complemented by Katy's sometimes off-key vocals. The first two songs on this three-song ep — “Save me” and “ You got me crying” — are straight up jangle. The third song — “You don't know” — cranks it up a bit and really closes out this short promo disc on a high note. This is really fun ’90s-inspired indiepop.

The Feelds on MySpace

Rannoch - s/t ep

The insert I received with the self-titled Rannoch ep says it has three songs on it. Really there are four songs on the disc … the fourth being some very faint but pretty guitar plucking to close out the cd. Rannoch plays that darker, moodier Swedish pop — possibly along the lines of The Radio Department. The four-piece creates lush, dreamy pop that doesn't sound like it was recorded in someone's bedroom, which it was, according to the band's MySpace page.

Rannoch on MySpace

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Homestories “Click-Click-Clack-Clack”

The Homestories hail from Switzerland. They are one of the few bands from that land that have been given reviews by the Even In The Future blog. That land surprises me in regards to how much great music is actually coming out of Switzerland right now, so take note. Homestories remind me a lot of early songs from The Chap. Their playfulness, the fun and the upbeat to their songs also reminds me a lot of bands like Springfactory and Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.

The Swedish influence to their songs takes the cake at least for me anyways. I really love bands like SKWBN but this full length release by the Homestories puts the sole SKWBN full length to shame.

Check them out here:

Spencer McGillicutty “Games”

Spencer McGillicutty hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They play some very lovely pop songs that have well thought out arrangements. The band features a total of four primary members although the album features an army of 18 additional contributors. The vocals in the songs are very pleasant and in many of them they include the voices from most or all primary members of the band. The vocal styles are quite professional as they remind me a lot of Beach Boys, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds Five and Belle + Sebastian. With such a display, Spencer McGillicutty could be perceived as overachievers or perfectionists.

Instruments included on the album include: acoustic guitar, harmonica, electric guitar, piano, bass, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, tambourine, Hammond organ, glockenspiel, vibraphone, accordion, timpani, tubular bells, wind chimes, triangle, congas, cowbell, sleigh bells, xylophone, slide guitar, vibraslap, shakers, castanets, claves, wood block, drums, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, viola, French horn, flute, oboe, clarinet;

Check them out here: