Sunday, November 21, 2010

Music Recommendation #26: Gabe Cahill

Gabe Cahill aka You Don’t Know Me, hails from Omaha, Nebraska. Musically, Gabe’s music is just as strange as it is diverse. He reaches vocal heights that recall moments of Stephen Malkmus, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and a dash of Conor Oberst era Desaparecidos. With regards to genre diversity, I hear recollections of Detroit Garage music all the way to eerie folk pop. At times, the songs muster up no more hope than you would find in music by Elliott Smith or Nick Drake, while briefly reaching cheery heights.

On the web:

Recommended if you like: Stephen Malkmus, Jeff Buckley, The Odd Fiddler, Beck, Elliot Smith, Desaparecidos, Nick Drake, Manchester 80’s scene…

Friday, November 12, 2010

FROM: Christopher...TO: ‘Record Labels’

Without a doubt, there is uncertainty as to where the physical format is going in terms of self releases and record labels, yet I still believe in the physical format. Upon looking around at the current activity, the definite change in cultural landscape of the ‘label’ has been spotted, there is an 'influx' of artists/bands running their own labels (self-release labels) in place of traditional labels, due to ‘label walkouts’ that appear to be all too common within the past several months.

These ‘self-release labels’ are currently taking the void for the ‘traditional label’, yet many of these self-release labels only intend to release ‘their own’ work, solely. For those still operating traditional labels, I think it is important to be a 'hold out', and by that, i mean not giving up, because by the time someone gives up, opportunities often times continue to show and result in ‘misses’, and it appears that in 'down times', we are more likely to be subject to more positive interaction, opportunities, you name it, than in a time when the market has fewer opportunities per an over abundance of seekers.

Some people don't like to wait too long, but when there is resurgence, those of which stay are certain to see quicker results. What I've learned is that despite the times, people come and go as they choose, and at times like these, it allows dead wood to be removed and allows those of which were meant to stay, to simply stay put.

This is a subject that recurs, but one of which undergoes little attention today, with special respect to those which have truly worked/aspired to ‘develop’ artists/bands whether it be local, regional, national, international; In order to encourage growth, it is ever important to support what is active today and it doesn’t have to be purely through ‘record sales’, sometimes sending letters/e-mails, what have you, in support of the things you enjoy, and with those certain efforts of appreciation, it is certain to perk some of us up a little, and may keep some more of us active.