Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Postcards the hours up to midnight e.p. (Valliant Records)

So if there was a secret formula for lovely guitar pop songs The Postcards have the best kept secret in their hands. This London based band is named in honor of the late and the great Postcard Records of Scotland. “Golden Boy” is a great representation of fine guitar pop. “John Peel Was a Friend of Mine” pays tribute to a very influential person. The Postcards describe their own live sets as being fast and fun. IF you are in the London area they currently have three shows lined up.

Preview six of their songs and find out how to purchase their lovely EP here

2 out of 3 rule really elementary EP (self released)

2 out of 3 rule really elementary EP (self released)

2 out of 3 rule are an indie pop band that hail from the United Kingdom. Their refreshing sounds can put them in close comparison to top sounding indie pop bands such as Scotland’s own Camera Obscura. Their song “Artman” could be put on a list of the best indie pop songs of all time. A few months ago Steve Lamacq took notice and played “Artman” on BBC Radio 6. With their debut EP there is no doubt there is a lot of success that lies ahead for this band especially with a lot of indie pop fans already taking a good likening towards their music already. They hopefully won’t fall to the horrible fate of a lot of UK bands these days with the hype, etc. This band has a lot of substance already and would fit well with the listening tastes of most indie pop fans and would fit well with the lineup’s of most indie pop labels. This EP would definitely make my top 10 list for the year and will likely appear in many other top 10 lists for the year (or at least it deserves to).

What’s happening in the future for this band? If I read correctly in a letter from band member Paul it says they have plans to start recording their 2nd album in middle October. That puts a big smile upon my face.

This was a very limited self released EP. You can check in with the band on myspace to see if there are any copies left that are available. Also while you are there you can preview 5 of their songs.

Webelos volume 1 ep (self released)

Webelos volume 1 ep (self released)

The Webelos is an indie pop band from Seattle. In this short little album they quickly impress me with some of the best indie pop I have ever heard. Takes me back to the time where Sweden had a little DIY CDR label called Bedroom Records which first brought you bands like Springfactory, Back in Judy’s Shack, Happy Go Lucky, Thehelpmeplease, and countless other great indie pop artists. If the Webelos were from Sweden when Bedroom Records still existed their music would have fit right in with that label. Webelos describe themselves as a bedroom pop group. And I say that description is completely valid.

The lyrics on “yellow” are slightly overshadowed by the backing music but for me that isn’t a problem because the end result still makes it a great pop song. My favorite of the four songs being “last time down to Portland” which happens to be a song that will appear on the November compilations put out by Series Two Records. This album is too good and sadly too short but would be a great addition to any indie pop CD collection. If I’m not mistaken if you get their CD they send you a lovely little comic that gives you some good peace of mind. Also a lovely sticker is also included. Also would like to add that this record is one of the best DIY handmade packaged records I have seen in a long time.

There are many good things ahead for Webelos. According to their press kit they have been touring throughout the west coast and the Pacific Northwest for the last year and a half. They also have a nice quote from Seattle Weekly.

Preview their songs and buy their album here

La famille catastrophe self titled EP (self released)

La Famille Catastrophe makes some great and honest lo-fi indie pop. You may know the lone member Simon of LFC from the indie pop band Mutt Ramon. The backing music reminds me of this 60’s band called The Monkees. Respectfully said when taking into consideration the large crop of other indie pop bands that are many times more likely to be influenced by the Beach Boys and not The Monkees. The lyrics can be compared to the Dandy Warhols. I always felt the lyrics from some of the Dandy Warhols songs were quite funny (or at least to me anyways) especially with the way he works his voice.

Also somehow Dr. Seuss plays a role in the music of La Famille Catastrophe which makes it a little more interesting. I was really happy to receive this CD. The cover art reminded me of what the more rural countryside in my home state of Nebraska.

You can find album purchasing information and also preview three of the four songs from the EP here

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well it seems I have been pretty bad with this blogging thing, sounds like it show be easy, updating a blog once a week. Well it isn’t, or perhaps I’m just no good at it. I tend to gravitate towards the latter of those two options.  Anyway I’m going to try and get better at it.

The band I’m going to talk about today, well tonight…(well this morning if you want to be technical about it. It is 1.28AM) is a band from New Zealand who released in the early 1990s.I make this post to rebut those-and I know they exist-who say that there was no good music ccoming out of New Zealand during this period. Recently there music has been release as part of Failsafe Records retrogenic series (something I hope to tell you guys more about). A label that should be legendary, a label run by Rob Mayes, someone much more deserving of a knighthood than many other boneheads in this country who have receive them…not to name names of course……

The retrogenic series, to be brief, is Rob Mayes massive project to rerelease a bunch of long lost music, amazing music at that. Something more people need to be doing.

The band is called Throw, and features no other than Rob Mayes himself, if you get to know Failsafe records you will realise just how much fantastic music this guy is responsible for. Dark, wonderful power pop that could only come from Christchurch, a place that has produced lots of great music over the years, even if it could at times be described as a racist backwater….

Anyway, I am no good at describing music so I will let these two songs do the talking…so to speak…. Two tracks from the album Dreambaby Goodbye

Anything For You

Taking Back Whats Mine


Failsafe Records


Friday, August 8, 2008

My First Days On Junk album review (for fans of Colin Clary, The Smittens and Let's Whisper)

My First Days On Junk "No Order" (State Capital Records)

My First Days On Junk creates a very simple yet good album. This Vermont based band features most notably Colin Clary and Jason Routhier (Colin Clary, The Smittens and Let's Whisper). The album was written by a group of close friends over many long, cold, and windy Vermont winter nights.

"No Order" includes 13 tracks and included among those songs is a cover of the Lucksmiths "Little Distraction". The band has a very diverse sound. I'd compare them more closely to bands like The Raveonettes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive, Spacemen 3 and smaller up and coming artists such as The Cindy's from San Diego, California and Death Valley Sleepers of Denmark. -

For album purchase information and to get in contact with the band here are the places to go:

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Tigercat! is a band that hails from Vernon British Columbia CANADA. Tigercat! has a nice and fresh do it yourself indie pop sound that I can't seem to get enough of.

They have some nice influences (note:they actually wished they were in these bands) including neutral milk hotel, magnetic fields, yo la tengo, jesus & mary chain, the velvet underground, the beach boys...

So what's their plans? From what I heard they will be starting a label to self release their up and coming record. Also they will appear on a Series Two Records compilation in September. Sounds good to me. Check them out on myspace here

Download their new song "Greyest Grey" here

Double Dan (the band with two chaps named Dan)

This band here named Double Dan likely got their name because two of the members are named "Dan".

Double Dan makes some really nice pop songs. It's something that you'd sort of have to expect especially knowing that Double Dan features current members from Acid House Kings and Club 8. They have a wide variety of great influences including some of my favorites such as Kings of Convenience and The Radio Dept.

In a conversation I had with them a few months ago Double Dan member Dan Eriksson (Club 8, Starlet, September...) said that they were working on some new material and were hoping to release it on a label soon.

Go check them out on myspace here

And here is their song "When The Sun Falls Down" (which appeared on the Series Two Records volume 5 compilation)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bill Direen

I should probably start this blog post with a little disclaimer, this music is not really indie pop, but please don't let that stop you reading. It is very interesting music, it is quite different from stuff I usually listen to, but I love it none the less. A very cool unique release with an interesting story behind it.

Bill Direen is an interesting figure, not only releasing music, also writing books. He is what I consider to be a lost gem from the Flying Nun label. I always hear indiepop fans talking about The Bats, The Chills, The Clean etc ... but what about Bill Direen, who was in The Bilders, probably not talked about because it is more weird than pop.

The particular release I will be talking about is a 'new' EP (recorded in 1989 I think) from Bill, titled "Songs For Mickey Joe", Mickey Joe as in Michael Joseph Savage, the New Zealand politician, and first Labour party (the party that grew out of the unions) prime minister, from 1935 till his death in 1940. The songs were originally used in a play by Alan Brunton, about the life of Michael Joseph Savage.

Reading the liner notes that come with the CD it reads "Alan wanted a few tunes on piano that would have the flavour of parlour songs of the 1930s", and that is what these songs are, short, bouncy, piano ditties. I cannot tell you whether they have the 'flavour' of 1930s parlor songs, because I haven't really listened to any of that, but I can tell you this is a good listen.

This particular release was released by Powertool Records (Bill’s current label it would seem), you can buy the EP there as well as several other releases by him.

Interesting interview will Bill -

Songs :

Comrade Joe -
Soldier In The War -

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Greg Franco


Greg Franco is from Los Angeles and he recentley toured in New Zealand. And I didn't go. Which sucked. I did however go see him play with his band 'Rough Church' last year and that was great.

Looking over his biography here it appears Greg has played in a number of bands, however I am unfortunatley only familiar with his solo stuff, his stuff with Rough Church and his stuff with The Wandering Bear.

The last band I just mentioned, The Wandering Bear, included Bats/Clean member Robert Scott and Clean member David Kilgour, so I think this fact should mean this has some interest to indie pop fans, even if it is not indiepop in the strictist sense.

These two tracks I post here are from a recent radio show on Fleet FM in Auckland, the Powertool Records radio show, at which I was present. I'm not terribly good at describing music but I think the two words 'folky pop' give you a rough idea.

track one -
track two -

buy his stuff -
rough church - ,

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fantastic June

Fantastic June is this really cool band I had discovered in May. My friend Pang in Taiwan (he’s the one with the amazing indie pop record shop called Smash Hit Productions) had them among their friends list on myspace and I went to their page and heard the stuff and instantly fell in love with their songs.

Fantastic June comes from Indonesia. They make some really lovely songs. The lyrics, the vocals and the melodies are oh so lovely. I’d highly recommend them for anyone that enjoys the songs of Kings Of Convenience, Sondre Lerche and Club 8 (thanks for the Club 8 reference Ian). Fantastic June is due to appear on Series Two Records Volume 7 compilation that will be released on July 8.

Since I discovered Fantastic June in the month of May I couldn't think of a more suitable free mp3 for this blog posting than their song "May". Here is an acoustic version of their song “May” courtesy of YouSendIt

If you want to be their friend on myspace or to check out more songs go here:

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hmmmm.... Just figured out I should put a blog post on here to see how it looks...HI CHRIS !!!