Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trio Pigalle

Trio Pigalle are three dudes from Sweden. Max Olsson, Gustav Broman and Sebastian Hegedüs. Their album “artwork” is probably one of the best I have seen, ever. Though not for technical ability, just for awesomeness. You can see it here.

In terms of their musical prowess, they are talented young men. There are elements of psychedelia apparent, that are accompanied by an extremely chilled out vibe. The music has a very relaxed feel to it, reminiscent of a more stripped back and coastal version of Cinematic Orchestra’s early material.

The drums are very delicate, and melodious guitar strums alongside a friendly bass line. I recommend this music to people walking down busy streets. This will put everything in perspective and make you feel as though you’re strolling down a sunny + carefree street, to a friends house.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Matchu "self titled" ep

Matchu sings so softly and sweetly on this 2 song release. The disc is accompanied by some hand made drawings that serve as the artwork. These songs could best be described as "chill" and would fit well with a good weather day or even to share with younger children. Five minutes is definitely not enough time. I wish to hear more.


Mari Shimamura ep

These sounds by Mari are very "electronica" and "ambient" and "lovely". In a way they make you want to just get up and dance. They are feel good sounds that are sure to produce some good dreams at bed time. It's not very often that you hear listenable, exciting and somewhat energetic music of this kind. Mari has been described by one as being "powerful". I'll describe her music as being "full of good sounds". Album is especially for those that are fans of Royksopp’s “Melody A.M.” album. Very happy that my dear friend Hiroho brought this music to my ears.

Check em out here www.myspace.com/marishimamura
This special edition CD was distributed by my dear friend Hiroho and his page is www.myspace.com/alfa2000

Anne Bacheley “Headquarters”

Anne hails from Poitiers, France. She makes nice bedroom pop songs that come across in a very simple and relaxed manner. Anne’s vocal delivery strikes my fancy quite a bit considering how basic it may be viewed as by others. The selection of instruments and arrangements to these songs are very cool, especially the guitars. Some of these songs to me are so good that they leave me speechless.

I’ll most definitely be listening to this record for as long as it will play. “Headquarters” is a prime example of what one of the best Bedroom pop records of this particular decade would sound like. Anne is also in the great line of active pop artists in France that I would highly recommend to others and some of those names are The Wendy Darlings, Skittle Alley, and Purple Submarine Orchestra to say just a few.

Check em out here www.annebacheley.net

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jodi In The Morning Glory Parade "every morning we must say good morning" ep

The band Jodi In The Morning Glory Parade hails from Bandung, Indonesia. Upon listening to the first song it's quick to get the impression that these are happy songs for happy people and happy couples. Sorta reminds me briefly of I'm From Barcelona or even great songwriters like Sondre Lerche. When listening further it brings to mind a lot of great memories of hearing songs from the obscure Japan band named Flipper's Guitar. The voice to these songs is very sweet and when they sing along it makes for an even more lovely experience.

Check em out here www.myspace.com/soundsfromjodi

Alone With Everybody “Sad songs for Friday evening” ep

Upon listening to the intro song “Eyes blurred with tears” I just knew from the voice I was hearing something that reminded me of “west coast” sounds and I found myself digging through my record collection to come up with what these new sounds reminded me of. I found myself stopped within seconds at the California band named Earlimart.

The songs by Alone With Everybody fit the theme of the album title. The sad of them in a way painfully evoke Elliott Smith songs and the piano gives me this Erie sense which I have gotten from listening to albums like “figure 8” for example. And speaking of Elliott Smith since his passing people throw his name about so much it’s lost meaning. In the sense that I compare Alone With Everybody to the likes of him is quite valid.

It does make me wonder what would happen if Alone With Everybody made a follow up to this with a “cheery” album. I am sure if that happens the end result would be beautiful.

Check em out here www.myspace.com/alonewitheverybodypop

Citified "Absence" ep

When this album is put in the player you don’t really know what to expect. What you first hear is so extremely melodic music and it’s catchy and it carries on throughout this album. The lyrics are “so so” but I think those that listen to this album will be paying most of their attention to the melodies. I am curious to know if this band is able to put together a full length this catchy. In the song “Dutiful Scout” there are many sounds that I hear that recall 60’s pop. And in the song “My Family Cup” to me is a lot like beautiful shoegaze music. The opening songs from this album also give off a great dreamy feeling.

Check em out here www.myspace.com/citified

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andy's Tea Party

The vocals are very playful yet distinct and they take on many different directions as the songs on the album go more and more forward. It’s very evident and clear of the Swedish pop and mainstream influences amongst the songs. I get reminded of many things when listening to this album. Funnily it reminds me of the approach Chuck Morgan has to his songs and also recall the vocals from The French Kicks.

Check em out here www.myspace.com/andysteaparty

Foreign Cinema – Non-synchronous Sound

Like a breath of Arctic air, Foreign Cinema sound a bit like New Order. The songs are regulated, cold, and emotionally challenging. The album cover presents a female with headphones, and the back, a male with a small movie camera. These photographs are in black and white, and that only complements the starkness of the album. Not one note is extra or out of place on Non-synchronous Sound. As the title implies, it's a slip from synchronicity, where everything matches up with life; the starkness gives an otherworldly quality to the album. There's a Depeche Mode cover. It fits in so well one might not even notice it was a cover.

Overall, the album has a deliberate, plodding feel - but not in the sense that it will drag you down. Rather, Foreign Cinema wants every beat to count, most notably on "Lovers and Killers," the standout track on this album.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Robert Church & The Holy Community (hype!)

Yay! New Robert Church & The Holy Community videos – the only thing sweeter than their sound are the beautifully naïve animations that make up the videos.

is the video for “Skinny Rabbit” which will definitely be a summer classic for all of you kids in the Northern hemisphere (here in Australia it’s wet - *sad face*.)

is the other video for “ The U S of A” and it perfectly exemplifies the introverted questioning apparent in 21st century indie-pop. “It really makes me wonder” is plastered over the screen, but don’t be left probing this track, because it will have you on the first listen.

These songs will appear on “Los Tres De Canarias” a release that will be out on Fox Pop Recording Co before summer is over (in the coming months). Keep an eye out and make sure you don’t let this one pass you by.

Jane Woody & Angel Eyes – Total Miracle

“Heart broken every weekend, deciphering: lover or friend?” is one of the first lyrics we hear and what the front page of the pocket size zine that accompanies this album states. Quite fitting as Jane Woody touches on most romantic notes.

The first time I listened to this I was content, unbeknownst to me the album started again, and hearing the opening track “Tiny Ants” for the second time really stood out. This is indie-pop disguised with some heart plucking strings and beautiful female vocals.

There is a lo-fi feel to this entire package, the music is put together in such a way that we know she is for real. Don’t worry about anything, we are putting out music that comes from us. There is strong keyboards and a very gestural vibe throughout.

I have the 77th of 150 copies of this LP, get your hands on one before they’re all gone. The music coupled with the zine = everything you need.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nebraska Pop Festival MIXTAPE *Free*

Download the Nebraska Pop Festival mixtape here:


Here is the track list and MySpace link for each of the bands :)

1. Poland - Finally September www.myspace.com/polandmusic
2. Transmittens - The Sea At Night www.myspace.com/transmittens
3. Strega - I Don't Think You Know www.myspace.com/streganyc
4. Cowboy Indian Bear - Mathematicians Colour www.myspace.com/cowboyindianbear
5. Zanin's Magic Crayon - A Kind And Green Night www.myspace.com/zaninsmc
6. The Tinycakes - Huge Spinning Ball www.myspace.com/thetinycakes
7. The Argyle Wishlist - A New Leaf www.myspace.com/theargylewishlist
8. Cleemann - Absent pt.1 www.myspace.com/cleemann
9. At Land – Running www.myspace.com/awesomesupply
10. Labrador - Caleidoscope Aeroplane www.myspace.com/labradormusic
11. The Mother Z's - Check-Out www.myspace.com/themotherzs
12. Electric Needle Room – Wikipedia www.myspace.com/electricneedleroom
13. Sweet Pea - Cut Out Magazines www.myspace.com/wearesweetpea
14. Mammoth Life - Convoluted I www.myspace.com/officialmammothlife
15. Mr. and Mrs. Muffins - The Magic Cloud www.myspace.com/mrandmrsmuffins
16. Pennyhawk – Seeds www.myspace.com/katekennedymusic
17. The Sleepover - Built For It www.myspace.com/thesleepoverlincoln
18. Spiders For Love - What Am I Doing Here www.myspace.com/spidersforlove
19. Probably My Son - Hum, Hummingbird! www.myspace.com/probablymyson