Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Electric Needle Room - Safe, Effective & Fun

On the beginning song; I was unsure of whether or not Electric Needle Room had made a good choice with the sit-com-esque piano. Persistent keys continually took turns at perforating my mental (non-adjective) block. The band is comprised of two brothers, making you envious that your brother is not an indie-pop alchemist.
Vocalist Matt Beat’s voice is similar to Ben Folds’, except without the boring pseudo-emo element that makes you not like Ben Folds. Which really adds to, if not, makes for some very interesting tracks on this album, especially the love songs; that can easily slip under the radar.
“One Good Friend” negatively prepped me for one of those fashionable synth and a high-hat bands, which get played in places that people go to. Yet, the steady degree of integrity maintained throughout the album, still shone through, rare quality now-uh-days. Bryan Poole plays bass on the 4th track, I found his inclusion to be somewhat complementary to Matt’s fast vocals, not unbearably fast, more eloquent.
Electric Needle Room appear to take on different faces throughout, ranging from all steps of the proverbial indie-pop ladder. Their flirting with the synth side of pop, is more of an experiment as opposed to album filler. - do it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Jaynes

The Jaynes record recalls Bob Dylan, The Thrills (more than Beach Boys for some odd reason) and has a nice British sound. They made good poppy tunes with harmonica that make very nice sounds that are reminiscent of songs by The Monkees. Also at times they remind me of one of those sunshine pop bands from California oddly with lyrics reminiscent of Rooney. The record is just about 18 minutes in length. Seems to be the average length of records these days ; )

Check em' out here:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daniel Watters

People often say that "emo" music is dead. But it is very present on "The Next Draft" by Daniel Watters. His voice reminds me a lot of Ben Gibbard but at the same time he reminds me of early bands from Vagrant Records or Drive Thru Records. Most of the songs sadly remind me of now defunct punk and emo bands and also reminds me of how some current bands used to be this enjoyable and then when they progressed over time from record to record they lost this sound and in the process they lost original fans and built a far wider audience of newer fans that most often times didn't have a genuine appreciation for the music.

Daniel Watters though if he starts experimenting more and as he progresses it could be for better or worse. I would really hope that his next album would maintain a similar sound but as most artists progress usually there is change and for this particular of style of music most artists change for what i feel is the worst. The electronics used in the songs are fitting and add to the songs in an enjoyable way. This album makes myself have mixed emotions but with that in mind I still was able to enjoy every song on this album.

check him out here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rivertubes - Exact Change EP

It is objectively fitting that I review the new Rivertubes EP, Exact Change. Seeing as both Series Two & Eggnog have respective degrees of history with the band. I should remain professional and rather impartial.

Easier said than done. This album is sweet to the ears; you want to be its friend. So you listen again, to make sure you understand what’s going on. Coming to the realization that this is indie-pop at its most insightful, it is relaxed, yet realised.

Its opener leaves you unsure of what to expect, at a sweet 48 seconds long it is just short enough to enjoy, without being self-indulgent. Then the album gets into its real terrain; padded floating guitars that are suited to a dreamy montage of Dog-Town era skateboarding.

Rivertubes remain thoughtful and make you feel included by singing about things you subconsciously know. In several ways, they are the indie-pop equivalent of Silver Jews. Though keep in mind that this music makes you feel like you’ve just completed your last exam, put your pen down, and walked out to your best friend’s car. Figuratively, the old Toyota is now a cruising convertible.

Swedish indie pop band New Found Land

Pop music from a painfully beautiful band that is from Sweden. They are a two piece band featuring Anna Roxenholt (Vocals and Saxophone) and Karl Krook (Guitars and Vocals). The album includes well descriptive songs about relationships with significant others and friends in general. Sounds as if the songs were written as therapy for what went wrong in past relationships. New Found Land features one of the best female voices in indiepop music rivaling other Swedish female vocalists including Siri (Band In Box and Testbild!) and Lina Cullemark (Springfactory and The Big Picture).

The length of their songs are not typical of many great Swedish pop bands for they have most songs at 4 to 5 minutes in length. Their songs that enter the the 4 and 5 minute range are very amazing and do not come across as being redundant or boring which has not be so easily achieved by indie pop bands of today. Also their recording quality would rival almost any band in independent pop music today which is one of the reasons this disc is so remarkable. Sounds as if they have some American pop influence which ain't that bad in my opinion. It's a lot better than being influenced by Cat5. This release is just 6 songs long.

You will definitely hear more from this band.
Check em' out here:

Simon Bish

I have a couple of things to review from the label 'Pop Noise Records' and this is the first. 'Pop Noise Records' is a neat little label from England, and they release home made lo-fi pop music, the best type of music :-)

The first release I will be looking at from this label is a 2 track 3" CD-R by Simon Bish, the man behind Pop Noise Records from what I understand. This single from what I understand is a taster to an upcoming full length.

Track one is a song called 'Heart Shape Sky' is a nice melodic acoustic number, a sort of folk pop sound.

Track two is a song called 'Honey Hair' and features an electric guitar this time and as such sounds a little more gritty, once again though remaining quite melodic.

So to sum up, these are two really cool melodic pop songs, sure they don't break any new ground, but really who cares. There just really cool songs that will get stuck in your head. Check them out...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Before February's Ides.

Yoh. I am an avid indie-pop follower. I will now be reviewing with Ian and Christopher.
This is a precursor post. Spreading awareness that E–Future, N-Works' 5 month hiatus is soon coming to an end. El Peas, Ee Peas and other release forms are in the post waiting to be reviewed in the near future.
I reside in Australia, if that helps any southern hemisphere bands.
I look forward to further communication with you,