Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music Recommendation #7: Television Keeps Us Apart

Television Keeps Us Apart hails from Stockholm & Link√∂ping Sweden. They make very “hip” sounding pop music with beats that one can easily dance to. I believe the main story lines to the songs are based on life, love & relationships. When I first heard them was a few years back, it was their song “Never Be Alone” that received the repeated attention of my ears.

The most recent release from Television Keeps Us Apart is their six song EP “A SLIGHT CHANGE OF LIGHT”, which you may download for free at their site here via clicking their name. Cal and Axel, the sole members of Television Keeps Us Apart have been together for 4 years now, and will hopefully be around much longer.

Television Keeps Us Apart is very highly recommended to fans of many Swedish pop bands including: The Radio Dept, The LK, Oh! Custer, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Springfactory, Oh! Sweet Music, The Big Picture, among others…

Check them out here as well:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Artisokka “Sea Bed”

Artisokka hails from Helsinki Finland. They are a six piece band with arrangements of great maturity and complexity. Artisokka is clearly one of the best sounding followers of Nick Drake that I’ve ever heard. What I like most about this band is how eclectic their sound is, with perfect sounding elements of jazz and lounge in addition to their common folk and pop sounds.

When I put this album in a few months ago, the words “more horns please” came into my mind. I’d heavily recommend Artisokka to fans of Kings of Convenience, Sondre Lerche, Nick Drake, Poland, Jaga Jazzist, and Radiohead’s “Kid A” among others.

Check them out here:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Music Recommendation #6: The Argyle Wishlist

The Argyle Wishlist hails from Milwaukee Wisconsin. He’s been around for years making short and lovely indie pop songs. First Jesse Bell got his start with a garage pop combo in Michigan named the Keen and in 2004 began writing under his new moniker. He’s self released several EPs on his Pickupsticks label including some splits, and has appeared on compilations and has released some full lengths, his most recent being “My Thoughts Exactly”.

Recently Jesse from The Argyle Wishlist has collaborated at a distance with a French artist named Stephane, also known as Skittle Alley. Together they have penned several songs, some of which they plan to release on their imprint named The Postcard Music. Also within the last few months, Jesse has added members to The Argyle Wishlist band including Zach on bass guitar and Tim on the drums. Jesse Bell has also made some music videos including one for his song “More Midwestern” and also a video for Seattle’s favorite chamber pop band named Poland for their song “Your Sunday Book”

The Argyle Wishlist has listed the following influences:
The Bats, The Beach Boys, Beat Happening, The Beatles, Beulah, Buddy Holly, Burt Bacharach, The Clash, The Clean, Elvis Costello, The Jam, The Kinks, The Lucksmiths, Matthew Sweet, XTC, The Zombies, etc.

Check out The Argyle Wishlist on MySpace here:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Music Recommendation #5: Oh Sweet Music!

Oh Sweet Music! hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Although the name is only known by relatively few people, the whistling in their song “Four Long Years” is surely recognizable already to many. Recently their song “Four Long Years” was used in a major ad campaign to help others relearn life without smoking. See the commercial here (again)

Oh Sweet Music! is influenced by world politics, and the cheery Malmo Sweden music scene. His music is highly recommended by me for those that love short Swedish pop songs with emphasis on lovely melodies, vocals, humor and of course whistling. Also their music is highly recommended if you like artists such as Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Tafra, Springfactory, Klas, Loney Dear, Oh! Custer, The Big Picture, Robert Church, The Sound of Arrows, and other great Swedish pop bands.

Magnus is the main man behind Oh Sweet Music! but also included in the songs are members Mackan, Riley, Amanda, Mathias, Mikael, Valdet and Wilhelm.

Check them out here:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music Recommendation #4: Antony Harding of Ant/Lonely Boy

Antony Harding hails from Malmo Sweden, but also has former ties to the UK. I discovered his solo project “Ant” around 2005 through his album “A Long Way to Blow a Kiss” (2002). That album in particular struck my fancy the most. Before his solo project, Antony Harding was a drummer for the indie band named “Hefner” whom featured Darren Hayman on the vocals. Antony Harding later collaborated at a distance with poetry writer/ cartoon artist Eivind Kirkeby of Norway, and together they formed the music project known as “Lonely Boy” and released one album together which struck my fancy also.

The music of “Ant” and “Lonely Boy” is strongly recommended if you like heart felt acoustic songs with lovely vocals.

You may download (3) free and legal songs from “Lonely Boy” at this link

Check out Ant and Lonely Boy at MySpace