Saturday, July 5, 2008

Greg Franco


Greg Franco is from Los Angeles and he recentley toured in New Zealand. And I didn't go. Which sucked. I did however go see him play with his band 'Rough Church' last year and that was great.

Looking over his biography here it appears Greg has played in a number of bands, however I am unfortunatley only familiar with his solo stuff, his stuff with Rough Church and his stuff with The Wandering Bear.

The last band I just mentioned, The Wandering Bear, included Bats/Clean member Robert Scott and Clean member David Kilgour, so I think this fact should mean this has some interest to indie pop fans, even if it is not indiepop in the strictist sense.

These two tracks I post here are from a recent radio show on Fleet FM in Auckland, the Powertool Records radio show, at which I was present. I'm not terribly good at describing music but I think the two words 'folky pop' give you a rough idea.

track one -
track two -

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