Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music Recommendation #7: Television Keeps Us Apart

Television Keeps Us Apart hails from Stockholm & Linköping Sweden. They make very “hip” sounding pop music with beats that one can easily dance to. I believe the main story lines to the songs are based on life, love & relationships. When I first heard them was a few years back, it was their song “Never Be Alone” that received the repeated attention of my ears.

The most recent release from Television Keeps Us Apart is their six song EP “A SLIGHT CHANGE OF LIGHT”, which you may download for free at their site here via clicking their name. Cal and Axel, the sole members of Television Keeps Us Apart have been together for 4 years now, and will hopefully be around much longer.

Television Keeps Us Apart is very highly recommended to fans of many Swedish pop bands including: The Radio Dept, The LK, Oh! Custer, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Springfactory, Oh! Sweet Music, The Big Picture, among others…

Check them out here as well:

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