Saturday, April 3, 2010

Music Recommendation #12: Dexter Poindexter

Dexter Poindexter is Tommy Komorowski. He hails from the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Unlike the previous recommendations, Tommy is significantly different. Instead of having years under his belt, he has very few of those in music, but those years he has spent already have been precious one’s. To me, his music lightly evokes Lou Reed, Jens Lekman, Lloyd Cole, Felt, and Klas.

Tommy’s earlier recordings appeared to be focused lyrically and musically on two common lovely themes, those are life and love. His most recent material appears to emphasize largely on enjoying himself more and being playful within the songs. A clear favorite song of mine would be “Life of an Annual”. I held a conversation with Tommy a few months back; because it was relatively hard for me to decipher what music he enjoys (influences, etc.). Usually it’s very common to just throw about names, but with Tommy, he’s apart of a younger generation that is just trying to do their own thing.

Tommy’s list of coolest bands ever includes The Modern Lovers, The Fleshtones, New York Dolls and specified his favorite band as being DEVO. Some of his biggest influences include Johnny Thunders guitar playing, American Football, Sam Zurick, the vocal harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel, the lyrical styling of Adam Cox, and largely “…most of my influence is drawn from my love of Wheeling Illinois and how I feel living there, and the love for my friends”.

Hear it here:

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