Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music Recommendation #22: Anthony Rochester

Anthony Rochester hails from Hobart, Tasmania Australia. I’ve been listening to his songs since sometime 2007. My most memorable introduction to the music of Anthony Rochester came in the form of a handmade record titled “Music for the Spaceship”. Upon first hearing that record, it didn’t leave my player for many weeks.

Overall the songs were very well crafted, and although he did have precious contributors on his album, he did the lion’s share. On a high note, Anthony Rochester closely evokes Erlend Oye (vocally), Kings of Convenience (all the way), and Jens Lekman (lyrically, at times). Anthony Rochester has successfully released a few full lengths, and a series of EP’s, appearing on various labels, stretching from California, to his home land of Australia. Also Anthony Rochester is well known for his collaborations with Japan shoegaze artist Hideka, and members of Testbild!, among other notables.

Check him out here:

Also hear some of his collaborative efforts including “aaah” featuring Hideka:

Download (3) free and legal songs from “Music for the Spaceship” here:

Recommended if you like: Kings of Convenience, Testbild!, Jens Lekman, Belle and Sebastian, The Hepburns, The High Llamas, The Lucksmiths;

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