Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Stars in Coma LP

Stars in Coma's latest LP And the Cloud Withdrew From the Sky is a goodun.
Let me be the first to tell you: it's really lush. The electronics are very well programmed and have a strange way of walking a fine line by being gestural and well orchestrated.

The release is out on Kingem Records - a little label started by Mark Zonda. It is the very first release on the label, but they have since released another, to all the DIY nuts out there I recommend getting on this stuff straight away so that you can have a label's discography!

Having said all that, the album has its quiet and introverted moments, namely My Hidden Fears, which I would say is my favourite track on the album, but is not necessarily the quintessential Stars in Coma number. Theres a song called NYE which is number 9.

Anyway the album is available on iTunes and through the website, as a CDR, with gorgeous artwork made by HÃ¥kan Carlsson and Mark Zonda. Staying true to the national Swedish identity, this is catchy indie-pop that will stay on your music player for extended periods.

Check them here.

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