Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Music Recommendation #25: This Girl, That Boy

This Girl, That Boy, is a Canadian band, hailing from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Any band that has been around a few years, a band of which marks their only official release to date, as a 5 song self titled EP, isn’t likely going to be a story line that will capture a lot of interest, which makes it safe to say this band has been tremendously under looked considering their current musical accomplishments, and their forthcomings, which are said to be very near. In all kindness, to me this band sounds very little like their influences, all because there is a certain originality flowing in throughout their songs. Although influences may be the bread and butter for upstart bands, this band has enough confidence to go out there and for all practical purposes, to do their own thing.

EP’s rarely blow people away due to their shortness and also since they are normally served to tease and wet appetites, and this was no exception, although this self titled release certainly gives me the feeling what is next for this band certainly holds the potential to blow our ears away. What may attach listeners to This Girl, That Boy perhaps could be the emotions captured, and the poignancy of the vocals. They leave me waiting and wondering, which direction will they go and how far. Why would I worry this? I want them to play right here in Nebraska : )

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