Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jonas Schwartz - Am I Even Close? (CD-R)

It seems that every blogger is like "oh man, sorry I haven't been posting lately", that is every blogger who is not getting paid. Many of the regularly updated blogs have an income and people do it as a job. It's our (I mean you too) responsibility to keep unpaid independent blogs up to keep people knowing about great new acts bands like Jonas Schwartz.

I just got a CD-R from this guy with a hand written track listing. No myspace plug, no contact info, no nothing! Which brings me back to a notion on an Asian indie pop compilation I got through Series Two, it said "Let us all share and enjoy music." I think that is a beautiful statement which Jonas personifies.

When I first put the CD on, I thought it was something my girl friend might like, well at least I would like to listen to in her company on a nice relaxed overcast afternoon. It sounds like a rainy day, but is beautiful in the same manner. The vocals kind of strain sometimes in an almost lo-fi way, but this is very much folk, with melodies reminiscent of some Alela Diane stuff. Anyway, if you are relaxed, visit his myspace (which I had to google!!)


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