Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music Recommendation #1: Poland

The band Poland, hails from Seattle, Washington. I was first introduced to their music around late 2007. Their late 2008 release of "Most of Them Are Clockwork" would be found in many listings for albums of the decade, that is if the people that made such lists actually heard this album. In September of 2009 they quickly followed up with "Please Interstellar Policeman". With lyrics and melodies simply described as "poignant", this band is a must hear, especially for hardcore fans of The High Llamas, Testbild!, Ian Curtis, Todd Rundgren, and The Beatles.

If you ever have the chance to see their live performance, it is a must. I consider my experience seeing them at Nebraska Pop Festival in 2009 as the best that I've seen to date. They rocked the roof off the building.

Members of the band include: Mark Bombara (guitar) Mark Romanowski (guitar, voice) Shane Peck (drums, voice) Noah Wilson (bass) Lydia Nor (voice) Janet Utterback-Peck (violin) Karen Halliburton (violin) Brianna Atwell (viola).
In total the members of the band have over 100 years of music experience easily. With such a lifetime dedication towards music, you can't go wrong with this band.

Members of the band also appear in the following bands actively today: Laguna, Mr. and Mrs. Muffins, Pretty Abandoned, and others;

Total of (6) free and legal downloads here http://www.indiepages.com/seriestwo/040.html and here http://www.indiepages.com/seriestwo/085.html

Their MySpace is here: http://www.myspace.com/polandmusic

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