Saturday, December 18, 2010

Music Recommendation #27: Haleiwa

Haleiwa hails from Sweden. The project is a solo effort of Mikko Singh, whom I’m quite fond of musically, largely because he is doing his own thing. In comparison to his previous offering, his most recent offering “Pura Vida dude”, also has a diverse assortment of instruments. The fact that the instrument selection is so diverse and also that he places what appears to be an unusually large emphasis on his instrument play are just some of the enablers in his creation of a distinguishable sound, with all practicality his own.

There is an abundance of interesting information among Mikko’s notes, and here I offer a passage he has made “Pura Vida Dude. Go out and live life. Skate Forever. Peace and love. Let’s be kind to each other, the earth and the animals. Meat is not food. Beans, fruits and vegetables. Healthy and positive lifestyle. Meditation, prayer and contemplation. Freedom of mind. Positive approach on things. Laughter and jokes. Waves breaking over a tropical beach. Have dreams. Fun and create. Palm trees. Two dolphins came by to say “Hello!”. Friends. Hope and meaning. Goodness. Sunlight.” Disclaimer: Bono had no part in that passage.

If there were more musicians like Mikko whom began to show the musicianship qualities of which he hones so well, we would most definitely feel a better known impact and importance of this artist on a music community far and wide, but until then, enjoy his songs.

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