Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tell me your name, tell me a story, edition #1 - Matt Beat / Electric Needle Room

I decided to start a new column on this blog, where various personalities of distinction music related and non music related, will be approached on a spontaneous basis, and will be asked to tell me their name along with a story. Of course many of the people featured in this column are people that I am familiar with musically or non musically, some of them I have already met, and some of which I have not met before. Anyways, enjoy!

edition #1 - Matt Beat from the band Electric Needle Room
(non omitted text below)

"I am a big history dork, and I have always been fascinated with the lives of the ordinary people who have led our country as President. For a few years, I've envisioned writing and recording songs about each of the 43 Presidents of the USA. I finally got around to recording the first song, about George Washington, in the fall of 2009, and I've been recording them ever since. As a true dork, I am recording them chronologically, and I am currently recording a song about Grover Cleveland. I'm halfway done with the project! I'm releasing the first batch of President songs on Presidents Day (go figure!) 2011. I'm actually trying to raise money right now to properly release the album. To find out the details of this, check out To hear the songs already recorded, check out I like to think the songs are not only catchy, but educational as well!"

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