Monday, April 27, 2009

The Assistants – Fiction

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There is a kind of 90s alt-rock feel to this, I think it is sweet: building up songs, and layered vocals, feel good melodies. The Assistants are from Toronto – or at least, they are based there – this comes through in their sound, they aren’t a wishy-washy east coast alternative band.

They’re classic indie-pop, and looking at their press pics, they look like a group of pals that one day decided to make some sweet music, and it took off. Fiction is their second release, but their first EP – and self released at that. This does not come through in their sound (or look), everything about the band is very professional, I guess that’s a testament to them as musicians and promoters.

They use some trumpet in the second track, “Stop Dead”, which is not a run of the mill indie-pop-strument. Though they make it work, it’s this kind of trumpet that you want to hear more of, it complements their sound and gives it a whole other aspect. On the whole, there is a subtlety of jangle-ness apparent in this EP. Very controlled and smartly done, I would recommend this to any indie-pop fan.

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