Monday, April 13, 2009

Viva Maestro! - Y Luego...

Viva Maestro! are from Spain, they are “electro-pop” I guess; a genre that I do not (generally) get in to. Lucky then, for Viva Maestro! that I do find myself wanting to listen to this. It’s got a kind of 90s dance music vibe to it, unabashedly so. As in, I find myself wanting to get drunk with close friends, and close all the doors and windows of my house, and have a crazy all night dance party.

The words are all sung in Spanish, which I find to be a major positive, as for us non-Spanish speakers, it adds to the music, as opposed to being a separate layer of vocals, kind of like skat, but better. Viva Maestro! are from Barcelona, and in their influences list “VolksWagen New Bettle”, I agree with that. They do sound like the newer VolksWagen Beatles. Bright, shiny, bubbly, moving fast and smooth.

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