Monday, April 13, 2009

The Rodeo - My First EP

“The Rodeo” is an anagram for the birth name of this young lady, and up until track 5, I was all like “Yeah. This girl sounds like a chilled out version of the CSS singer (Lovefoxxx?)” But then I hit the fifth, and the beautiful piano totally stopped me. The Rodeo has an amazingly beautiful voice that perfectly complements a piano played in sombre tones.

Smart or brave then, that most of her songs are folky… I think this was an unconscious decision, as her musical upbringing led her through “the pioneers of folk, blues and country music.” The word homage is used. Anyway, this folk style leads her to sounds like Alela Diane, minus the pirate element, but plus the attitude of Karen O.

The Rodeo’s “My First EP” was released under the label “Emergence” in 2007, Emergence is a French label, I think, and I think that The Rodeo is from France too, well it would make sense as her songs (though sung in English) have that French vibe to them. I strongly encourage you to listen to the song “I Could”.

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