Monday, July 13, 2009

Alone With Everybody “Sad songs for Friday evening” ep

Upon listening to the intro song “Eyes blurred with tears” I just knew from the voice I was hearing something that reminded me of “west coast” sounds and I found myself digging through my record collection to come up with what these new sounds reminded me of. I found myself stopped within seconds at the California band named Earlimart.

The songs by Alone With Everybody fit the theme of the album title. The sad of them in a way painfully evoke Elliott Smith songs and the piano gives me this Erie sense which I have gotten from listening to albums like “figure 8” for example. And speaking of Elliott Smith since his passing people throw his name about so much it’s lost meaning. In the sense that I compare Alone With Everybody to the likes of him is quite valid.

It does make me wonder what would happen if Alone With Everybody made a follow up to this with a “cheery” album. I am sure if that happens the end result would be beautiful.

Check em out here

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