Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trio Pigalle

Trio Pigalle are three dudes from Sweden. Max Olsson, Gustav Broman and Sebastian Hegedüs. Their album “artwork” is probably one of the best I have seen, ever. Though not for technical ability, just for awesomeness. You can see it here.

In terms of their musical prowess, they are talented young men. There are elements of psychedelia apparent, that are accompanied by an extremely chilled out vibe. The music has a very relaxed feel to it, reminiscent of a more stripped back and coastal version of Cinematic Orchestra’s early material.

The drums are very delicate, and melodious guitar strums alongside a friendly bass line. I recommend this music to people walking down busy streets. This will put everything in perspective and make you feel as though you’re strolling down a sunny + carefree street, to a friends house.


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