Friday, July 24, 2009

Anne Bacheley “Headquarters”

Anne hails from Poitiers, France. She makes nice bedroom pop songs that come across in a very simple and relaxed manner. Anne’s vocal delivery strikes my fancy quite a bit considering how basic it may be viewed as by others. The selection of instruments and arrangements to these songs are very cool, especially the guitars. Some of these songs to me are so good that they leave me speechless.

I’ll most definitely be listening to this record for as long as it will play. “Headquarters” is a prime example of what one of the best Bedroom pop records of this particular decade would sound like. Anne is also in the great line of active pop artists in France that I would highly recommend to others and some of those names are The Wendy Darlings, Skittle Alley, and Purple Submarine Orchestra to say just a few.

Check em out here

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