Saturday, September 12, 2009

Secrets In The Salt - "Krill Through Baleen"

All that jangle … all that head-bobbing goodness you've been hearing so much about … it's all provided by Secrets In The Salt. Handclaps, catchy rhythms, harmonies, whistle solos and jingling tambourines round out the offering on “Krill Through Baleen.”

The band mentions The Shins and The Kinks, among others, as influences. I'd agree.

The problem with “Krill Through Baleen” is it's too short. Just as it starts to really pick up and draw you in it ends after only six songs. The gem on the short album (and sounding most like The Shins) is the first proper song, “Hello Sam.” Keyboards open before tambourine and sweet vocals kick in. By the time the pace picks up a bit your head is already bobbing … and it'll keep bobbing until the album ends.

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