Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Beans - "Fear and Loathing"

So Noel left Oasis … and Blur hasn't really done anything as a band in recent memory. So what. Who cares? Just listen to Some Beans instead. Some Beans should be able to get you that brit pop fix you need. With some song sounding like Oasis' early offerings and some sounding Blur's more experimental songs, Some Beans have their bases covered.

“All Too Real” opens the CD with a great bass line before the smooth vocals kick in. A great looped beat carries us deeper into the album. “Dark Days” offers a good comparison to Oasis. From song structure to vocals, Liam and Noel would be proud. “All About You” has an almost ’70s R&B sound to it. It really works though and adds some depth to the album. On a few songs I'd swear I was listening to Damon Albarn. “Fear and Loathing” ends well with the low-key “Eight.”

Though Some Beans obviously borrows heavily from Oasis and Blur, it doesn't really matter. Honestly, I'd rather listen to Some Beans.

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