Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nebraska Pop Festival: fan photos, review & results

The 2009 edition of the Nebraska Pop Festival (A benefit for local UNO College Radio named "Mav Radio), I personally consider a success in the sense that new friends were made, it was fun for all, & we had 24 great bands that took part in playing during the festivals' 4 days. Each member from each band that I personally met seemed to be genuine and passionate about playing Nebraska Pop Festival & supporting UNO's Mav Radio. Also enjoyed meeting and interacting with the supporters in attendance. Of the special guests that traveled from outside of Nebraska many of them did so out of the kindness of their hearts and came on vacation and others had the success of building a tour around their appearance at the Nebraska Pop Festival. While the traveling bands were in Omaha they enjoyed the many beautiful attractions in which Omaha had to offer including the world renowned Henry Doorly Zoo, The Art Gallery(s), The Old Market, Live Music, the Parks & Trails, Omaha Royals baseball game(s); among other things. And also many of them were able to enjoy the unique tastes of food from a variety of restaurants in the Omaha area.

If any of the fans/bands have photos or videos of Nebraska Pop Festival
in which you would personally like to share instead of hoarding them, we would appreciate that you send them to or let us know about them on myspace.

I would like to say that proudly, we announce that WE ARE COMING BACK AGAIN FOR A 2ND NEBRASKA POP FESTIVAL IN 2010. Stay tuned.

Official list of the bands that performed NEBRASKA POP FEST 2009 is: Zanin's Magic Crayon (UK/Italy/Brazil), Argyle Wishlist (Milwaukee), The Sleepover (Lincoln, NE), Honey & Darling (Omaha), The Tinycakes (Chicago), Pennyhawk (Ames), Spiders For Love (Omaha), Transmittens (Lawrence KS), Mr & Mrs Muffins (Seattle/Jakarta Indonesia), Poland (Seattle), Strega (NYC), Talking Mountain (Omaha), Electric Needle Room (Omaha), Hanwell (Des Moines), Labrador (Germany/Denmark), Cleemann (Denmark), Dereck Higgins (Omaha), Mammoth Life (Lawrence KS), Thunder Power (Omaha), The Love Technicians (Omaha), Andy Butler & band (Lincoln, NE), Cowboy Indian Bear (Lawrence KS), At Land (Omaha), The Mother Z's (Chicago), Darren Keen (Lincoln, NE);


UNO's Mav Radio & personnel, the fans, Pizza Shoppe in Benson for providing discounted meals to the bands, The City Weekly, The Reader, OWH, Tim McMahan, Slam Omaha, Joseph Walsh (Australia) for designing flier/logo/CD cover, Chris @ Indiepages, Dereck Higgins, Nui Noraset, Hype Machine alliance blogs, the wonderful community of Benson/Omaha & those from abroad, equipment sharing of local bands, the local bands/musicians/fans that hosted traveling bands for safe place to stay during the festival and for meals provided, We'd like to thank the sound guy's Jeff @ Barley Street & also Jeremy @ The Waiting Room. We would like to also thank Jeff for sharing a night of the festival at Barley Street and would like to thank Marc & Jim for supporting UNO MAV RADIO & for sharing (3) nights of the festival @ The Waiting Room. A very special thanks to Hiroho of Japan for the MANY handmade commemorative pop festival compilation- distributed for free to fans @ Nebraska Pop Festival & in Old Market. Thanks to those in the local music community that helped spread the word. Special thanks to Brando for putting up fliers in Omaha and also would like to thank the local bands for this also. Would like to thank Matt Beat for the fliers/participation/contacting the blogs/helping bands with directions ;) & for his foot work in Omaha with the promoters;.We'd like to thank Matt from Omaha for video graphing during all 4 days of the pop festival. Also a general thanks to all others that helped make this possible. A thanks goes out to Christopher (myself) for organizing the bands that played the Nebraska Pop Festival and responding to the over 1000 messages sent by e-mail & MySpace on the behalf and for the good of this special Nebraska Pop Festival. Very sad the the festival had to come to an end following (4) great, fun & memory filled days. As I have said proudly above and I will say it again, WE ARE COMING BACK AGAIN FOR A 2ND NEBRASKA POP FESTIVAL IN 2010.

many hugs,

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