Monday, December 21, 2009

Haunted Stereo-Cross The Sea EP

Haunted Stereo is a 5+ piece "folk/pop" group from Southampton in the United Kingdom. "Cross The Sea" is their most recent release, an 8 song EP. This all may be true, but there is much, much more to be said about this group and this release. I'll focus on "Cross The Sea" which has been released as an EP but plays more like a LP. Listening to the 30 minute disc you hear both female and male vocals, guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano, melodica, accordion...and more. Though it never feels cluttered or forced. Everything falls into place beautifully. Each song stands wonderfully on it's own, yet I get the feeling that none of them could exist without the others (or I'm glad they don't). This is what I mean by it playing more like an LP, each song flows perfectly into the next. "Cross The Sea" is a very charming, passionate and sincere record with no wasted moments, it is wonderfully paced and has a rather timeless quality. It will certainly be getting repeated plays on my stereo.

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