Thursday, December 31, 2009

Joseph's End of the Year List

Hey guys,
I been so busy of late but with any luck I will be increasing (dramatically) my postings.
Instead of acknowledging the artists here, I will acknowledge the labels who I think have done consistently good things this year:

Badminton Bandit
These guys live around the corner from me. They are special, there is a loose relation to the Good Boys hip hop posse, who totally rock.

I don't know much about these guys, their releases are kind of dark, but I like their ethos. The Ambassador From Everywhere nights are really something to watch out for.

The first of two Canadian labels, kind of affiliated, love Mt Eerie, and LOVE the David Shrigley artwork usage.

Blocks Recording Club
I have been listening to a release that showcases their artists practically non-stop and the Picastro album is finally out!

Rainbow Quartz
For consistency and reliability in awesome indie pop.

Series Two
The most personally important of the bunch, because Christopher's heart and dedication are so strong, that anything Series Two does is worthwhile.

I hope everyone's New Year was great.

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