Thursday, December 31, 2009

Series Two Chris' 2009 year end list

*Here is a listing of best albums introduced to the ears of “Series Two Chris” during the year 2009. The list prominently contains albums released during 2009 year but may also include a few from year(s) prior. Among the few hundred albums heard during 2009 by me, here below I present my list of albums I enjoyed the most.


1. Cleemann “45 Minutes Mostly About Caring”
2. Poland “Interstellar Policeman”
3. Minakumari “Rasa”
4. Homestories “Click-Click-Clack-Clack”
5. Mr. Wright “Diary of a Fool”
6. Nebraska Pop Festival mixtape
7. Kings of Convenience “Declaration of Dependence”
8. Malkovic “Little Estrada”
9. Spencer McGillicutty “Games”
10. Zanin’s Magic Crayon “S/T”
11. My Autumn Sons “Perfect”
12. Series Two Compilation: Volume 15 through Volume 23 (9 CD set)
13. Hearts By Darts “S/T”
14. Series Two Christmas Compilation
15. Chuck Morgan “Patchworks”
16. James & The Express “Are Your Tomatoes Safe?”
17. Mammoth Life “Kaleidoscopic Art Pop”
18. Brave Radar “A Building”
19. Pennyhawk “The Mystery Mines”
20. Artisokka “Sea Bed”
21. Argyle Wishlist “My Thoughts Exactly”
22. Tinycakes “The First Two Years”
23. Christopher Ostrom “Audio Loading…Please Wait…”
24. Mother Z’s “S/T”
25. Landerim “Shallow Draw”

Honorable Mentions (FULL LENGTHS):

Pretty Abandoned Quintet “Searchlights”
2 out of 3 rule “Really Elementary”
Andras Toth (his three long play CDRs)
We & Lisa “Dreams Within A Dream”

1. Thunder Power “Love Yourself”
2. Mr. & Mrs. Muffins “S/T”
3. Transmittens (3 inch)
4. Jodi & the Morning Glory Parade “Every Morning We Must Say Good Morning”
5. Mari Shimamura “S/T”
6. Old Time Radio “Find the Difference”
7. Double Dan “At Dawn”
8. Cowboy Indian Bear “S/T”
9. Weak Ends “We”
10. Man From Another Place “The Loneliest Cowboy”
11. Astruval “S/T”
12. Robert Church and the Holy Community “Wizard On Fire”
13. Opaluc “Including Five Tracks”
14. Pedestrian Pets “Over”
15. French Woods “The TV Outlaws”

MOST ADMIRED PERSONALITIES (no particular order):

Cesar (Zanin’s Magic Crayon/UK)
Dereck (Cleemann/Son Ambulance/NEBRASKA)
Gunnar, Jeanne and Michael (Cleemann/DENMARK)
Hiroho (Hiroho’s Music Friends/JAPAN)
Edward (Workerbee Records/IOWA)
Bibo (Cuddle Pop/INDONESIA)
Matt (Electric Needle Room/Mav Radio/NEBRASKA)
Will (Thunder Power/City Weekly/NEBRASKA)
Jef (Barley Street/NEBRASKA)
Nate (Ames Progressive/IOWA)
James (Tinycakes/ILLINOIS)
Andrew (Fensepost/WASHINGTON)
Yves (Hands & Arms/FRANCE)
Jesse (Argyle Wishlist/Postcard Music/WISCONSIN)
Danny (Tweefort/CONNECTICUT)
Joseph (EIF blog + very good man/AUSTRALIA)
JuanCar (Toxicosmos/SPAIN)
Javi (Shake Finger Pop/SPAIN)
Tomohiro (Flannel/JAPAN)
Matt + Chris (Charlie Big Time/UK)
Sergio (A Pleasant Dream/SPAIN)
Eike (Das Klienicum/GERMANY)
Thomas (Pigeon Lane/GERMANY)
Shane, Mark B & R, “Brian”, Noah, Nanda, Janet, Karen; (Poland/WASHINGTON)
Anders (My Autumn Sons/SWEDEN)
Kevin (Mr. Wright/UK)
Andy & Becca (Mother Z’s/ILLINOIS)

Honorable mentions: Special thanks to all that make “Series Two” what it is today. And to all that ever supported the bands and all the projects I’ve worked so hard for.