Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 out of 3 rule really elementary EP (self released)

2 out of 3 rule really elementary EP (self released)

2 out of 3 rule are an indie pop band that hail from the United Kingdom. Their refreshing sounds can put them in close comparison to top sounding indie pop bands such as Scotland’s own Camera Obscura. Their song “Artman” could be put on a list of the best indie pop songs of all time. A few months ago Steve Lamacq took notice and played “Artman” on BBC Radio 6. With their debut EP there is no doubt there is a lot of success that lies ahead for this band especially with a lot of indie pop fans already taking a good likening towards their music already. They hopefully won’t fall to the horrible fate of a lot of UK bands these days with the hype, etc. This band has a lot of substance already and would fit well with the listening tastes of most indie pop fans and would fit well with the lineup’s of most indie pop labels. This EP would definitely make my top 10 list for the year and will likely appear in many other top 10 lists for the year (or at least it deserves to).

What’s happening in the future for this band? If I read correctly in a letter from band member Paul it says they have plans to start recording their 2nd album in middle October. That puts a big smile upon my face.

This was a very limited self released EP. You can check in with the band on myspace to see if there are any copies left that are available. Also while you are there you can preview 5 of their songs.

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