Thursday, September 25, 2008

La famille catastrophe self titled EP (self released)

La Famille Catastrophe makes some great and honest lo-fi indie pop. You may know the lone member Simon of LFC from the indie pop band Mutt Ramon. The backing music reminds me of this 60’s band called The Monkees. Respectfully said when taking into consideration the large crop of other indie pop bands that are many times more likely to be influenced by the Beach Boys and not The Monkees. The lyrics can be compared to the Dandy Warhols. I always felt the lyrics from some of the Dandy Warhols songs were quite funny (or at least to me anyways) especially with the way he works his voice.

Also somehow Dr. Seuss plays a role in the music of La Famille Catastrophe which makes it a little more interesting. I was really happy to receive this CD. The cover art reminded me of what the more rural countryside in my home state of Nebraska.

You can find album purchasing information and also preview three of the four songs from the EP here

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