Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well it seems I have been pretty bad with this blogging thing, sounds like it show be easy, updating a blog once a week. Well it isn’t, or perhaps I’m just no good at it. I tend to gravitate towards the latter of those two options.  Anyway I’m going to try and get better at it.

The band I’m going to talk about today, well tonight…(well this morning if you want to be technical about it. It is 1.28AM) is a band from New Zealand who released in the early 1990s.I make this post to rebut those-and I know they exist-who say that there was no good music ccoming out of New Zealand during this period. Recently there music has been release as part of Failsafe Records retrogenic series (something I hope to tell you guys more about). A label that should be legendary, a label run by Rob Mayes, someone much more deserving of a knighthood than many other boneheads in this country who have receive them…not to name names of course……

The retrogenic series, to be brief, is Rob Mayes massive project to rerelease a bunch of long lost music, amazing music at that. Something more people need to be doing.

The band is called Throw, and features no other than Rob Mayes himself, if you get to know Failsafe records you will realise just how much fantastic music this guy is responsible for. Dark, wonderful power pop that could only come from Christchurch, a place that has produced lots of great music over the years, even if it could at times be described as a racist backwater….

Anyway, I am no good at describing music so I will let these two songs do the talking…so to speak…. Two tracks from the album Dreambaby Goodbye

Anything For You

Taking Back Whats Mine


Failsafe Records


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