Thursday, September 25, 2008

Webelos volume 1 ep (self released)

Webelos volume 1 ep (self released)

The Webelos is an indie pop band from Seattle. In this short little album they quickly impress me with some of the best indie pop I have ever heard. Takes me back to the time where Sweden had a little DIY CDR label called Bedroom Records which first brought you bands like Springfactory, Back in Judy’s Shack, Happy Go Lucky, Thehelpmeplease, and countless other great indie pop artists. If the Webelos were from Sweden when Bedroom Records still existed their music would have fit right in with that label. Webelos describe themselves as a bedroom pop group. And I say that description is completely valid.

The lyrics on “yellow” are slightly overshadowed by the backing music but for me that isn’t a problem because the end result still makes it a great pop song. My favorite of the four songs being “last time down to Portland” which happens to be a song that will appear on the November compilations put out by Series Two Records. This album is too good and sadly too short but would be a great addition to any indie pop CD collection. If I’m not mistaken if you get their CD they send you a lovely little comic that gives you some good peace of mind. Also a lovely sticker is also included. Also would like to add that this record is one of the best DIY handmade packaged records I have seen in a long time.

There are many good things ahead for Webelos. According to their press kit they have been touring throughout the west coast and the Pacific Northwest for the last year and a half. They also have a nice quote from Seattle Weekly.

Preview their songs and buy their album here

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