Friday, August 7, 2009

Murena Helena – Fierce Pale Hen

Released in 2008, Fierce Pale Hen is the 4th album that Muarena Helena have made. This makes a lot of sense to me, on my first listen I was under the impression that this was their debut - this intrigued me, as to how a band could be this well formed and constructed so early on. Anyway, this is not something to hold them back for. They’ve been on a journey to arrive here.

Starting in Canada and relocating to London, this is apparent in their sound, outside of the U.S. Canadians are well liked people, and MH are no exception to the rule. They make very thought-through pop with an emphasis on the instrumental side of things. Whether you call the experimental rock, I don’t know, but I saw that on the internet somewhere. “We'll Think of Yetis” was the standout track to me, it’s the newer side of post-rock, that doesn’t like to be labelled.

And so it shouldn’t be, Muarena Helena (I’m not sure if that ‘a’ is meant to be there - it seems to disappear and reappear), are very much worth your time, I recommend them to people who like The Tumbled Sea or Theo Angell.

There are one or two songs available for free download from their website. But you'd be better off to get the whole album!

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