Saturday, August 22, 2009

Craig McElhinney

I had the pleasure of seeing Craig perform last weekend at a house party hosted by a friend of mine named Tanya (check her music blog). I had seen Craig in person the previous weekend at a Bowls club concert that Bermuda's drummer organised, but never before that weekend. Note that the above is the only picture of himself on Craig's myspace - he is a very smart looking young man in real life.

He used to be in a band called Eleventh He Reaches London, who I have never seen, though judging by the amount I hear of them, they are also worth your time. Anyway, done with introductions; Craig's music is made by a guitar and approximately 3 other machines that he puts on tables (but not a laptop - or at least, I don't remember a laptop). The music is easily classified under the umbrella term of 'experimental'.

I deem it more as beautiful noise, that isn't noisy. His sound is clear and well thought out, in a surgical manner, as the music he is making matters. He knows the importance of his execution in providing an experience, he is very talented and affiliated with one of my top 3 western Australian labels (Meupe). His music is of that special breed which helps you focus but grabs you from inside, holding you until it concludes.

Also, go to his myspace and absorb the 5 tracks he has up. Here is the place to buy one of his albums.

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