Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swedish indie pop band New Found Land

Pop music from a painfully beautiful band that is from Sweden. They are a two piece band featuring Anna Roxenholt (Vocals and Saxophone) and Karl Krook (Guitars and Vocals). The album includes well descriptive songs about relationships with significant others and friends in general. Sounds as if the songs were written as therapy for what went wrong in past relationships. New Found Land features one of the best female voices in indiepop music rivaling other Swedish female vocalists including Siri (Band In Box and Testbild!) and Lina Cullemark (Springfactory and The Big Picture).

The length of their songs are not typical of many great Swedish pop bands for they have most songs at 4 to 5 minutes in length. Their songs that enter the the 4 and 5 minute range are very amazing and do not come across as being redundant or boring which has not be so easily achieved by indie pop bands of today. Also their recording quality would rival almost any band in independent pop music today which is one of the reasons this disc is so remarkable. Sounds as if they have some American pop influence which ain't that bad in my opinion. It's a lot better than being influenced by Cat5. This release is just 6 songs long.

You will definitely hear more from this band.
Check em' out here: www.myspace.com/ournewfoundland

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