Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Simon Bish

I have a couple of things to review from the label 'Pop Noise Records' and this is the first. 'Pop Noise Records' is a neat little label from England, and they release home made lo-fi pop music, the best type of music :-)

The first release I will be looking at from this label is a 2 track 3" CD-R by Simon Bish, the man behind Pop Noise Records from what I understand. This single from what I understand is a taster to an upcoming full length.

Track one is a song called 'Heart Shape Sky' is a nice melodic acoustic number, a sort of folk pop sound.

Track two is a song called 'Honey Hair' and features an electric guitar this time and as such sounds a little more gritty, once again though remaining quite melodic.

So to sum up, these are two really cool melodic pop songs, sure they don't break any new ground, but really who cares. There just really cool songs that will get stuck in your head. Check them out...


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