Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daniel Watters

People often say that "emo" music is dead. But it is very present on "The Next Draft" by Daniel Watters. His voice reminds me a lot of Ben Gibbard but at the same time he reminds me of early bands from Vagrant Records or Drive Thru Records. Most of the songs sadly remind me of now defunct punk and emo bands and also reminds me of how some current bands used to be this enjoyable and then when they progressed over time from record to record they lost this sound and in the process they lost original fans and built a far wider audience of newer fans that most often times didn't have a genuine appreciation for the music.

Daniel Watters though if he starts experimenting more and as he progresses it could be for better or worse. I would really hope that his next album would maintain a similar sound but as most artists progress usually there is change and for this particular of style of music most artists change for what i feel is the worst. The electronics used in the songs are fitting and add to the songs in an enjoyable way. This album makes myself have mixed emotions but with that in mind I still was able to enjoy every song on this album.

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