Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rivertubes - Exact Change EP

It is objectively fitting that I review the new Rivertubes EP, Exact Change. Seeing as both Series Two & Eggnog have respective degrees of history with the band. I should remain professional and rather impartial.

Easier said than done. This album is sweet to the ears; you want to be its friend. So you listen again, to make sure you understand what’s going on. Coming to the realization that this is indie-pop at its most insightful, it is relaxed, yet realised.

Its opener leaves you unsure of what to expect, at a sweet 48 seconds long it is just short enough to enjoy, without being self-indulgent. Then the album gets into its real terrain; padded floating guitars that are suited to a dreamy montage of Dog-Town era skateboarding.

Rivertubes remain thoughtful and make you feel included by singing about things you subconsciously know. In several ways, they are the indie-pop equivalent of Silver Jews. Though keep in mind that this music makes you feel like you’ve just completed your last exam, put your pen down, and walked out to your best friend’s car. Figuratively, the old Toyota is now a cruising convertible.



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