Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Electric Needle Room - Safe, Effective & Fun

On the beginning song; I was unsure of whether or not Electric Needle Room had made a good choice with the sit-com-esque piano. Persistent keys continually took turns at perforating my mental (non-adjective) block. The band is comprised of two brothers, making you envious that your brother is not an indie-pop alchemist.
Vocalist Matt Beat’s voice is similar to Ben Folds’, except without the boring pseudo-emo element that makes you not like Ben Folds. Which really adds to, if not, makes for some very interesting tracks on this album, especially the love songs; that can easily slip under the radar.
“One Good Friend” negatively prepped me for one of those fashionable synth and a high-hat bands, which get played in places that people go to. Yet, the steady degree of integrity maintained throughout the album, still shone through, rare quality now-uh-days. Bryan Poole plays bass on the 4th track, I found his inclusion to be somewhat complementary to Matt’s fast vocals, not unbearably fast, more eloquent.
Electric Needle Room appear to take on different faces throughout, ranging from all steps of the proverbial indie-pop ladder. Their flirting with the synth side of pop, is more of an experiment as opposed to album filler. - do it.

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