Friday, May 8, 2009

Beacon Street Radiants "First Degree Desperation"

Beacon St. Radiants hail from Finland which has taken me by surprise since I have recently been introduced to a large amount of great bands coming from there and in the past few years I heard very little stuff that struck my fancy coming from Finland. This artist comes across as sounding quite a bit like early Jesse Malin stuff. Other comparisons could be "Love as Hell" era Ryan Adams and early Pete Yorn. Funnily the three of them Ryan Adams, Jesse Malin, and Pete Yorn never really stayed consistent to me. I got into them early and as time went on they started making stuff that didn't appeal to me as much as their earlier stuff. Some agree on this especially the earlier fans. If Beacon St. Radiants is able to keep this songwriting on the level as it appears on this album they are likely to gain many fans in time and keep the original fans at bay.

Check them out here:

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