Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rachael Dadd - After The Ant Fight

Sounding like something of a female version of Sufjan Stevens, Rachael Dadd's "After The Ant Fight" could probably fit in right between "Seven Swans" and "Greetings From Michigan." Just before Stevens went off on the epic (stalled) 50 states project.

Banjo, guitar, piano, trumpet fills, ethereal folk-pop vocals... they're all here. The music rambles on, rising and falling behind Dadd's sweet voice. Harmonies punctuate at just the right places.

"Table" might be the gem on this album, opening with piano and light vocals. The song gently crescendos, adding drums and horns. It backs off slightly before building again with Dadd's vocals on the chorus. "And So It Wells Up" opens brightly with drum and horns before Dadd's familiar voice begins. Horns punctuates throughout. Banjo and piano on the title track close out the album.

Dadd's own embroidered textiles, which she sells on tour and from her web site, provide the impressive album art.

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