Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twin Piloda - "Brother Jona"

Sweden's Twin Piloda site "american music" as one of their influences... they aren't kidding. It's easy to pick up on the Posies, The Church, R.E.M., Paul Westerberg and Go-Betweens sounds they also mention as influences.

"Lake By The Sea" is probably the most "college rock" sounding song on the album. It's got some great ’90s harmonies over driving acoustic and electric guitars. Not to mention a great harmonica solo.

The fourth song on the album, "Easy on the Eye," slows things down a bit with a nice synthy opening. Sparse acoustic guitar accompanies boy/girl vocals before the tempo picks up a bit and turns somewhat dancey. Oooohs and ba-ba-bas round out a great tune.

The album ends on a bit of a folky/americana note with "Not Invented."

For someone who's used to hearing "Sweden" and thinking about the poppiest of pop songs... Twin Piloda offer a refreshing alternative.

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