Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cameretta Whispers - Recipes for Sad Chickens

Two words: chicken samples. At least that's what it sounds like. There's definitely come clucking and cooing in the background of these songs. These Italian girls definitely have a weird thing with chickens going on. You know what? It works.

This lo-fi "bedroom music" drones on with light strumming on a guitar with a broken string and soothing vocals. Random clicks, clacks and other noises fill out the background ... almost giving the impression of being in the girls' home with them while they play.

"Are You Making Love with Loneliness" seems to be the hi-light of the album, with haunting harmonies and a sweet folky sound. "Witches eat Sandwiches" starts with horror-movie organ and cawing birds before the guitar and slightly more upbeat vocals kick in. The last track, "Lullaby for Me," is a droner, the last few minutes of which are dripping water sounds that go silent just before a hidden track complete with frog croaks closes out the album.

This could be the perfect soundtrack to a sad, rainy day. that's a good thing ... those days need soundtracks.

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