Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Blank Tapes – Landfair

Propulsive, and with good lyrics, Matt Adams and friends make up the Blank Tapes. Their songs go chantingly round, circular surprises. In “I Tell Myself Again and Again,” the title makes up almost the entirety of the lyrics, “I tell myself again and again/she’ll never be more than just a friend.” Other words drop in and out, with just enough variation to keep the listener amused. The searingly upbeat guitar jangles the verses along.

Other songs start with a Beatlesequse “Ahh-ahh,” and “There Goes the Day” even uses a melody politely nicked from one of their songs, I won’t name which one, before setting into pleasant lyrics about “there goes the day/there goes the sun.” Time passes but with this record this it’s hardly noticeable you’re enjoying the music so much. The songs may set up drab situations with the lyrics, but the sunny pop melodies obscure the boredom the singer might be suffering.

Dizzyingly quiet and lovelorn, these songs show a diverse and pleasant range.

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