Friday, October 9, 2009

Blanda "Self-titled 7 inch"

"Lamna Mig Ifred" is the wonderfully bouncy "A" side to Blanda's 2008, self-titled 7" release. The track is rich with tight harmonies, punchy bass work and scrappy lead guitar lines (taken straight from the bridge pickup) which are all layered on top of sunny, country-esque chord progressions that resonate with a slight tinge of Americana. An upfront "Byrds" influence is laced amongst the pop overtones, with vocals slightly reminiscent of Nick Drake and bits of Camera Obscura apparent in the intro and harmonies.

Based out of Stockholm and Kalmar, Sweden, the band seems to evoke California more than Scandinavia on this side. West Coast harmonies and late 60's melodies dominate on this track and give it a well worn feel that makes the first listen seem like an old favorite.

The "B" side, "Aningar Om Dig", takes a more minor turn with the addition of strings and slide work drenched in reverb that almost perfectly mimics the swells of pedal steel. Here again, the group manages to combine those subtle, slight country elements with a strong sense of Swedish pop and arrangement to produce a superbly strong track. Several instrumental sections dominate this song with a fitting guitar and string crescendo in the finishing fade. Combined with great packaging this is a excellent record that demands multiple listens.

Information on the band can be found here:
and here: fashion police records

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