Friday, October 9, 2009

Plêiade - FF (2008)

Plêiade (no idea how to pronounce this one) are from Curitiba, Paraná
(Brazil). It’s hard to find any information written in English about them. But here’s a starter:
They’re glowing indie-pop of south America that we all love. What’s more is they mix in elements of folk and alternative rock, with an electronic tweak. Forming in 2006, the 5 piece includes members assigned to the following two instruments: ghost guitar and elegant guitar.

As an Australian reading that I wonder if it is an error in translation, but I sincerely hope it isn’t. Those are awesome adjectives to relate to guitars. The term “ghost” as an adjective means manifesting, but not actually existing. Which really makes sense of their guitar sounds.

FF is a recommendable album to any fan of South American indie pop, but to draw a couple of well known comparisons, they are similar to the Crayon Fields and to some of Dreamworld records’ mid 80s releases.

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rockpleiade said...

Hey, thank you very much for recommending our album. You're probably right, we should have used "ghosty," "ghostly," or, even better, "spectral" to describe some of the guitar sounds of the "FF" album. If you want to see more about Plêiade (in Portuguese, it is pronounced somewhat like "play-ad", check out also our YouTube channel (, especially the videoclip for "Minh'Alma" (My Soul), which is a track from "FF".