Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Yellow Melodies "The Championship Cup"

"The Championship Cup", a 2008 release by The Yellow Melodies, is an EP in the truest sense of the term; an extended-play, 6 track record on thick 10" vinyl. This format is where "mini" albums really work best. Instead of acting as a placeholder for a full length album, it exists as it's own cohesive unit. This Spanish band has assembled a complete musical statement here, and it is a lovely one.

Opening with a great staccato guitar and piano progression (and laden with wonderful string work) the title track, "The Championship Cup", bounds through at a succinct two minutes and twelve seconds. Things quickly transition into "They'll Come True", which takes a page straight from the Troggs songbook until veering into louder territory with super fuzzy guitars and big drum build-ups. This loud-soft dynamic works well here and helps build a sense of urgency within what would otherwise be a fairly straight forward folk-pop song. Finishing out the A side is "The Sunshine of Your Dreams", also featuring prominent strings, which starts which a great march-feel on the snare and builds up through a stand-out chorus and ultra fuzzy synth solo.

The B side of this record is just as enjoyable with the opening track, "Something That you Do", plowing through a classic pop chord progression which is further enhanced by soaring back vocals and a buzzing organ track. "I Want to be with You" has a slight 90's indie rock feel, even with hints of Lou Barlow in the vocals, and is defined by it's swelling lead viola line . The final track, "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea, is more epic (both in length and feel) with a long, slow, shoegaze-esque build and another great, overdriven organ melody. This 2008 release can found at the band's website and through their label, Clifford records.

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